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Products / Cylinder

Hidromas under body cylinders are designed to reach prefect efficiency with their light and strong structures. Side or 3-way tipping and agricultural applications are also our expertise  for tractors and semi-trailers.

Production & Quality
Sealing System
Hidromas has got strategic partnership with the worldwide known sealing manufacturers. Advanced sealing system promises no oil leakage and easier service. Hidromas cylinders are capable to work in between -40 0C / + 60 0C.
Solid Tubes
All tubes are %100 ST-52 cold drawn steel and internationally certificated. Our solution partners are the world leadingmanufacturers and providing to Hidromas special dimension tubes for decades.
Forged Steel Parts and Super Light Brackets
Trunions and spherical eyes are forged and heat treated. Reinforced casting brackets saves 7 kg weight on the chasis.
Light and Strong Design
Our special tube diameters and thickness make Hidromas gold series lightest and strongest in the world with %15 more lifting capacity than the others. Maximum durability and easy maintenance comes with unique Hidromas design..
Integrated Production Line with Automation
All production process is supported by robot technologies and monitored professionally by ERP and Data Base Management systems.
All stages hard chromed as a standard treatment in Hidromas manufactory. Minimum 50 μ chrome plating on diameter prevent our products from humidity, extreme weather conditions and external involvements.
%100 Process Traceability and Testing
During the production process, all parts of the tubes moved to the next stage with extended barcode number to create the final product serial number. All cylinders put in automatic test units and tested in real working conditions. (Pressure and Load)
All in One-Pack Solution with Hidromas Hydraulic Kit
When Hidromas cylinders are used with Hidromas hydraulic kits, they reached
• The best performance.
• Perfect compatibility with all components for easy assembly and service
•180.000 cycles with %50 over load. (tested)