Hidromas Hydraulic Automotive Industry and Trading Co. Ltd.

Vision & Mission

Hidromas Hydraulic Automotive Industry and Trading Co. Ltd.


  • To be a global company which satisfies all of its shareholders.
  • To catch a positive growth and be the global leader in its own field of business.
  • By bringing our difference forward, speeding up our progress.
  • By providing the best products in the most reasonable conditions, ensuring to be the essential brand of the world.
  • By giving more than expected in the business to be conducted, to experience the highest level of the environment of trust.
  • To be able to become a global company where all of the suppliers, clients and workers would be satisfied.

As a global company, our mission is by being open to the innovations and advancements and by using our resources in an efficient and effective manner with being environmental and human conscious, to provide quality, economic products, which exceed the expectations of the clients, within the scope of the international standards.

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