50 years of experience

Our story, which started with the production of hydraulic pumps in a small workshop in Konya in 1974, inspired transformation and growth. As Hidromas, we carried the excitement of shaping the future even as we took our first steps. By developing rapidly, we increased our production capacity and continued our production activities in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone.
As we progressed step by step to our leadership in the industry, we constantly renewed ourselves by expanding our product range. In addition to hydraulic pumps, telescopic cylinders, valves and hydraulic equipment, we have become a brand that is safely used on 5 continents with various products we produce using the latest technologies. We accelerated our growth process with our new factory, which was put into service in Konya 3rd Organized Industrial Zone in 1995.
We aim to further our vision in the sector with the same passion and quality understanding by adding strength to our power with our HMLIFT brand. By combining years of experience and advanced production technologies, we offer hundreds of thousands of products safely in our country and all over the world. Today, we are proud to be a pioneer in the industry by combining quality and durability in each of our products.

CEO's Message

Dear Stakeholders, Valued Customers and Business Partners,
We are proud to share with you a success story from Konya to the whole world. As Hidromas Family, we shape our cross-border achievements by combining them with innovation. Our journey rises with the principle of “Carrying to the Future” and is illuminated by our passion to create positive effects.
Trust and cooperation are based on open communication and honesty. With the strong ties we have established with our stakeholders, we are taking firm steps towards achieving common goals. You can feel our product power in every detail, from carefully designed telescopic cylinders to effective hydraulic pumps. With our customer-oriented approach, we make a difference by offering unforgettable experiences beyond every product.
Hidromas General Manager


To stand out as a company that satisfies our stakeholders all over the world and to be appreciated worldwide.

To maintain continuous growth in our own sector and to become the world’s leading company.

To increase our competitive advantage and reinforce our leadership in the sector by moving forward with the power of diversity and innovation.

To aim to be the indispensable choice of our customers by offering high quality products in the most efficient and appropriate way.

To ensure the highest level of trust and increase satisfaction by going above and beyond what is expected in our business processes.

To set an example as an ideal world company for all our employees, suppliers and customers.


To provide products that exceed quality, economic and customer
expectations in accordance with international standards by using our resources
effectively and efficiently with an innovative and environmentally sensitive approach.


Desire to Explore New Ways: At the heart of our work is our desire to push boundaries and create positive impacts. Hidromas leaders are passionately committed to
their work, experimenting with innovative ways, and driven by a desire to bring together communities
around the world.

Customer-Centered Approach: As Hidromas, we aim
not only to sell products but also to provide an unforgettable experience to our customers. We aim to understand
customer needs and provide innovative solutions to enable our customers to earn

Responsibility: Hidromas leaders act steadily, transparently and with commitment. While taking
new steps or supporting existing strategies, we miss our
commitments and maintain high quality.

Cooperation and Trust: Cooperation and trust lie at the
heart of our relationships with our business partners and employees.
While we constantly encourage direct communication, we
act by respecting different perspectives and caring about honesty.

Development: We encourage the personal and professional development of our team members and
support their abilities such as taking
responsibility, taking initiative and teamwork.
We support them by motivating them and enabling them to create positive impacts together.

Social Responsibility and Participation: We bear responsibility for sustainable production, employee safety and building lasting relationships with societies. We aim to add value to
our communities both in Hidromas and in the regions where our customers operate.

Innovation: The creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that form the basis of Hidromas has made
our company a global leader. This spirit,
supported by experience and expertise, guides us from the initial steps
to a position that transcends global boundaries.

Development of Hidromas over time


First Gear Pump Production


First Piston Pump Production


First Hydraulic Cylinder Production


First PTO Production


First Telescopic Cylinder Production


ST-52 Cold Drawing Pipes Used


First Axial Pump Production


New Investments & Gold Series


First Axial Pump Production


New Plant in India


First Oil Tank Production


Moving to New Factory


New Plant in Brazil


Diamond Pressure Resistant Telescopic Cylinder


HMLIFT Brand Formation


Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence