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With 50 Years of Experience

Pioneer of the Hydraulic Industry

Hidromas, which started with the production of hydraulic pumps in a small workshop in Konya in 1974, has a story that inspires transformation and growth. The company, which has been excited about shaping the future since its first steps, has developed rapidly, increased its production capacity and continued its production activities in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone. Hidromas, which constantly renews itself by expanding its product range while advancing step by step towards leadership in the sector, has become a brand that is used safely in 5 continents by producing various products using the latest technologies, as well as hydraulic pumps, telescopic cylinders, valves and hydraulic equipment.


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We succeed together because, as Hidromas, we base ourselves on working in cooperation and harmony. We achieve success by achieving common goals with the contribution of each of our employees. That’s why we are Hidromas.

Explore, Learn, Improve

Hidromas Academy

Hidromas Academy is an education center that aims for continuous development and learning. Here, we enable our employees to discover and develop their personal and professional potential and reach their best versions. With our advanced training programs and innovative learning methods, we strive to ensure that each of our employees constantly renews themselves and contributes to the success of our company. Hidromas Academy is not just an education center for us, but also a journey of progress and growth.

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You can find the latest information about Hidromas’ latest news and events here. Don’t forget to visit us to follow the innovations in the sector and the activities of our company!

We Celebrated Mother’s Day with Love

Every year on May 14th, we celebrate Mother’s Day to honor the loving hands of […]

Reviving Konya’s Colorful Tradition of Şivlilik as the Hidromas Family

We celebrated Şivlilik, a tradition unique to Konya, with the children of all our employees […]

Experiencing the Warmth of Being One Family: Ramadan Iftar Dinner

We cherish the joy of sharing the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan with our colleagues



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