Reviving Konya’s Colorful Tradition of Şivlilik as the Hidromas Family

We celebrated Şivlilik, a tradition unique to Konya, with the children of all our employees at Galipoğlu Hidromas Hydraulic Automotive Industry and Trade Inc. on January 11, 2023.

What is Şivlilik?

Şivlilik is a tradition celebrated on the evening of Regaip Kandili (the Night of Wishes), specific to Konya. In this tradition, children, carrying bags known as “Şivlilik bags” filled with various foods, go door-to-door chanting “Şivlilik, Şivlilik, may God grant abundance” to collect candies and various gifts.

Reviving Şivlilik as the Hidromas Family At Hidromas, we organized a Şivlilik event to keep alive Konya’s vibrant tradition and to pass this culture on to our employees’ children. During the event, “Şivlilik bags” were distributed to all our employees’ children. The bags contained traditional items like dried grapes, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, Turkish delight, and candies, as well as various gifts with the Hidromas logo. Children, excited to receive their Şivlilik bags, roamed around embodying the Şivlilik tradition.

Continuing to Preserve Our Traditions At Hidromas, we give importance to preserving and keeping alive the cultural values of Konya. The Şivlilik event is an indication of this significance. In the future, we will continue to organize such events to contribute to the transmission of our traditions to future generations.

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