As Galipoğlu Hidromas Hidrolik Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., as an organization operating in the field of design, development, production, import, export, sales and after-sales services of telescopic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic kit groups, hydraulic oil tanks and hydraulic valves, we are committed to ensuring full compliance with information security and Personal Data Protection (PDP) legislation in our business processes.

In this context, our Information Security policy has been shaped in line with the following principles:

Identification and Protection of Information Assets: We are committed to ensuring and protecting the security of information assets used in our business processes and critical to business continuity. It is our priority to ensure reliability and integrity by taking the necessary measures for the security of these assets.

Assessment of Threats and Risks: We are committed to conducting a risk assessment and effectively managing these risks by addressing the possibility of threats to our information assets, vulnerabilities in access controls, and threats to the integrity of information.

Continuous Improvement and Emergency Planning: We aim to continuously improve the information security elements in our business processes by identifying and managing their risks in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. We are also committed to ensuring business continuity and implementing emergency action plans in emergency situations.

Dissemination of Information Security Awareness: By raising awareness of information security on our employees, suppliers, customers and other interested parties, we are committed to transferring their obligations regarding information security to these parties.

Performance Measurement and Improvement: We are committed to the implementation, control and measurement of the performance of our Information Security Management System. Based on the data obtained, we aim to set continuous improvement targets and take measures and implement the necessary sanctions with the support of management in case of security violations.

Legal Compliance: We are committed to working in compliance with national and international legislation and fully complying with our obligations regarding information security.

This policy has been adopted and committed by all our employees and business partners. By acting in accordance with corporate information security and PDP legislation, we are committed to ensuring the security of information assets and maintaining a high standard of information security in all our activities.