The safe and effective management of hydraulic systems includes Hydromas pneumatic and hydraulic valves in order to provide various special solutions for different types of applications. Hydromas directional control valves are specially designed for proportional discharge operations and offer users effective operation capabilities. Developed with Hidromas’ understanding of excellence, the valves are designed to provide high-level results in reliability and performance. These valves, which meet the challenging needs in the sector, are a reflection of Hidromas’ quality and innovation-oriented approach.

Open Circuit Directional Valve

The open-circuit directional valves of Hidromas allow the hydraulic oil from the pressure line of the pump to flow easily by connecting it to the tank line of the valve. Thanks to the pilot exciter system, a quiet operation is achieved. Open-circuit valves, which operate at low pressure without warning, prevent the heating of hydraulic oil and contribute to energy saving.

Closed Circuit Directional Valve

Hidromas’ closed circuit directional valves provide routing by connecting hydraulic oil from the pressure line of the pump to the cylinder line.

Trailer Type Directional Valve

The trailer type directional valve, which is used in systems where the cylinders in trucks and trailers need to be controlled by a single hydraulic circuit, offers the ability to lift or lower the cylinders independently or simultaneously with pneumatic control.


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Hydraulic Kit
Hydraulic Valve
Oil Tank

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GE 50 (Ø50)
GE 60 (Ø60)

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