Hydromas cylinders are made of high-quality materials and have a robust structure. In this way, it is durable in long-term use under heavy loads and harsh working conditions. It is designed to achieve high efficiency with its light and strong structures. With the automation line from cold drawn pipes, all stages are produced chromed.

Offering high lifting capacity and strong pushing/pulling force, customized in accordance with different types and various application needs, it ensures that you get the highest efficiency by performing the desired movements accurately and controllably thanks to the precise and regular movement control it provides. Hydromas cylinders are equipped with safety valves and other protective measures. This provides a safe working environment against all possible negativities and harsh weather conditions.

Front Lift Cylinders

Hidromas offers its customers the most suitable solutions in front lift cylinders with its wide product range. Front lift cylinders in different connection types from 1 meter to 11 meters, from 2 levels to 11 levels are provided in a short supply period. Our products are carefully manufactured from cold-drawn pipes and in the automation line. In addition, the cylinders produced by Hidromas are offered as chrome plated in all stages in accordance with our quality standards.

Underfloor Lift Cylinders

Hidromas underfloor lifting cylinders are carefully developed for the highest efficiency with their lightweight and powerful design. Right and left side tilting and 3 side tilting options offer a perfect solution for agricultural applications.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hidromas offers a wide range of products with various mounting types, diameters and stroke lengths for agricultural and industrial applications. Our single and double acting options are manufactured to high standards in terms of reliability and performance.


Ürün Tipi -

Hydraulic Kit
Hydraulic Valve
Oil Tank

Gövde Çapı -

Kapı Çapı -

GE 50 (Ø50)
GE 60 (Ø60)

Boy -

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