Strength and Endurance

Perfect Harmony

By combining strength and durability in perfect harmony, Hidromas cylinders carry heavy loads safely and offer solid performance for long-term use.

Take Your Strength from Quality

Overcome Difficulties with Hidromas Rollers!

Hidromas cylinders are manufactured from high quality materials and have a robust construction. In this way, it is durable for long-term use under heavy loads and harsh working conditions. They are designed to achieve high efficiency with their light and strong structures. It is produced from cold-drawn pipes with an automation line, with all stages chromed.

Powerful Performance, Safe Operation

You Are Always Ready with Hidromas Rollers!

Offering high lifting capacity and strong pushing/pulling force, customized to different types and various application needs, it allows you to get the highest efficiency by performing the desired movements accurately and controllably thanks to the precise and regular movement control it provides. Hydromass cylinders, safety valves and other equipped with protective measures. This provides a safe working environment against all possible negativities and harsh weather conditions.

Hydraulic Cylinder

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