Experiencing the Warmth of Being One Family: Ramadan Iftar Dinner

We cherish the joy of sharing the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan with our colleagues and their families. On April 6, 2023, we came together at the Zirve Wedding Hall for our iftar dinner, reinforcing our sense of unity and togetherness. Gathering as the Hidromas Family At Hidromas, we value building strong connections with our colleagues and their families. This year, like every year, our iftar dinner was held with enthusiasm to strengthen these bonds and keep the family atmosphere alive. We felt the warmth and sincerity of a family at the iftar dinner attended by our Board of Directors, union managers, and all our colleagues’ families.

Sharing the Spiritual Atmosphere of Ramadan

It is of great importance to us to share the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan with our colleagues and their families. During the iftar dinner, we broke our fast together with prayers and shared treats with each other. Pleasant Conversations and Memories Throughout the iftar dinner, we engaged in enjoyable conversations, taking the opportunity to get to know each other better. Special play areas and animations prepared for the children ensured they too had a delightful evening.

Stronger Together As Hidromas, we are not just a workplace, but also a family. Through such events, we strengthen our family ties, continuing our journey together more robustly. We extend our gratitude to all our colleagues and their families who attended the Ramadan iftar dinner. We look forward to creating many more beautiful memories together.

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