Efficiency and Durability


Hidromas Gear Pumps have become the symbol of industrial performance, offering the perfect combination of efficiency and durability.

With Gear Pumps

Reach Peak Performance!

Hidromas Gear Pumps have been developed with a design approach that prioritizes reliability and durability in industrial areas. Each pump is carefully manufactured to ensure superior performance and long-lasting use even under the most demanding operating conditions. These pumps, produced by Hidromas with quality materials, meet the needs of the industry while also offering high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Industrial Standards


Gear pumps, available in various types in the product range, are designed to adapt to different flow and pressure requirements. Hidromas’ long years of experience and constantly innovative approach always aims to offer the best to meet customers’ expectations. These pumps are an ideal option for businesses looking to increase reliability and efficiency in industrial processes.

Gear Pump

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